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Fast and Reliable

This Integration app not only provides user with seamless movement of mass item-data from Shopify store to Marketplace in near real-time but also sets user free from all the hustle and bustle of Inventory management, Product management and order management, these are just some of the high utility points to begin with.

Marketplace Integration App Features | CedCommerce

Marketplace Integration App Features | CedCommerce

Most Advanced Features

It has most advance feature of setting the threshold limit to prevent overselling of the products; Smart Tags & Filters are there to facilitate granular category mapping, inventory upload, editing and sorting; variation listing to roll different variations into one listing to increase conversion, auto-accept orders.

Analytics & Repricing

Analytics updates you about the latest requirements to keep pace with the latest trends going in the market. We also provide valuable insights into the product's performance metrics including search volume, click-through rates, and search result placement to help you stay ahead. The Repricer works by continuously monitoring listing prices and updating them to secure the buy box and maintain competitive pricing. Promotional pricing & custom pricing help you manage your product price to get sales and maximize the profit.

Marketplace Integration App Features | CedCommerce

Marketplace Integration App Features | CedCommerce

Impeccable Customer Support

90% of 5 star reviews on our Marketplace Integration app rate our Account managers as prompt and supportive, they not only guide merchants in product-upload process but also assist them to optimize listing, to make them marketplace-fit and accompany them throughout the sales journey.

Rising Sales Graph

We not only claim things, we believe in proving by providing proper stats, 20% of total sellers those who are registered with us and are using only one sales channel, have recorded increments upto 45% on their sale, and those who are using multiple channels (2+) have recorded flabbergasting increment in sales upto 193%.

Marketplace Integration App Features | CedCommerce

We don't just say it,
We prove it!


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Published Apps



Maximise your influence on Amazon Marketplace while efficiently managing products and orders from Shopify.

shopify app store cedcommerce


FB by CedCommerce

Sell your Shopify store's products on Facebook Marketplace by establishing flawless connectivity. List, Sync & Manage.

shopify app store cedcommerce


Walmart Integration by CedCommerce

This sales channel app enables Shopify sellers to offer and manage their products on Walmart.com smoothly.

shopify app store cedcommerce


eBay Integration by CedCommerce

Effortlessly list and sell your Shopify store products on eBay. Make the most out of your eCommerce business.

shopify app store cedcommerce


Reverb by CedCommerce

Sell your new, vintage and used musical instruments on reverb in the easiest way, without wasting enough time.

shopify app store cedcommerce

Bonanza Integration by CedCommerce

Sell on Bonanza as they forward your products to Google and Bing listings in order to boost product visibility.

shopify app store cedcommerce

Walmart Canada Integration by CedCommerce

Walmart.ca Integration app enables sellers all around the globe to sell their products on Walmart Canada.

shopify app store cedcommerce

Newegg Canada Integration by CedCommerce

Newegg Canada Integration App will be of great help for sellers to sell gadgets in the Canadian Marketplace.

shopify app store cedcommerce


Etsy Marketplace Integration by CedCommerce

Sell on the Etsy marketplace seamlessly. With the community of 31.7 million buyers, Etsy is changing lives.

shopify app store cedcommerce


Multichannel Importer by CedCommerce

Import products from the Marketplace to your Shopify store within minutes. Easily manage your selling process.

shopify app store cedcommerce


Catch Integration by CedCommerce

Eliminate your manual efforts of selling on Catch. Trap the Australian shoppers in no-time and trade effortlessly.

shopify app store cedcommerce

Sers Marketplace Integration by CedCommerce

Sears Integration app empowers you to sell products among 130+ million active members on Sears Marketplace.

shopify app store cedcommerce

Tophatter Integration by CedCommerce

Tophatter boosts sales as they allow budgeted-shoppers to gather and take part in fleeting 90-second auction.

shopify app store cedcommerce

Fruugo Marketplace Integration by CedCommerce

Effortlessly sell on Fruugo as to enrich your cross-border sales, as Fruugo has a seller base in 46 countries.

shopify app store cedcommerce


SEA by CedCommerce

Sell among the potential SEA shoppers by easily listing & managing Shopify store's products on Shopee.

shopify app store cedcommerce


Shopping Feed for Google by CedCommerce

Trade on Google Shopping and run your Ad campaigns easily with the help of CedCommerce Google Feed app.

shopify app store cedcommerce


Rakuten Integration by CedCommerce

Maximize your brand’s reach, discover new business growth and sales. Sell on the popular Rakuten marketplace.

shopify app store cedcommerce


Omni Migrator Integration by CedCommerce

Migrate your inventory from any framework to Shopify without any change in the data, within minutes.

shopify app store cedcommerce

Wish Marketplace Integration by CedCommerce

Sell on Wish Marketplace to have a Greater ROI, as Wish has a great repeat-purchase record of 60% from buyers.

shopify app store cedcommerce

Newegg Marketplace Integration by CedCommerce

Skyrocket your sales with Newegg as they have 191 million customers and widely loved by gadget lovers.

shopify app store cedcommerce

Best Buy  Canada Integration by CedCommerce

Trading on Bestbuy is extremely fruitful for sellers, as Bestbuy oversees over 18 million monthly visits.

shopify app store cedcommerce


Onbuy by CedCommerce

Sell on OnBuy and start experiencing growth everywhere with over 1+ million active monthly users to target from with our app!

shopify app store cedcommerce

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Our Services

Shopify Store Setup

Get your perfect Shopify Store developed from our specialists! Have it personalized to match your business persona and effective functioning.

Theme Design & Customization

Design impression of your site for audience. We create an eye-catching look for your store. Enrich your shop with best features!

Custom App Development

Get your own customized app built up by us! Enrich your app with key m-commerce features and impressive layout.

Site Migration

Readily fetch data from multiple e-Commerce platforms to your Shopify store! Every minute data of your product on other platforms is easily extracted.

Third-party Payment Integration

Online transactions made simpler and quicker! Choose your desired payment method from a variety of options. Pay without any hassle!

Mobile App Development

Join the ever increasing community of businesses with mobile app users. Transform your Shopify store into a fully functional mobile app.

SEO & Digital Marketing

Get maximum visibility amongst your targeted audience. Track overall traffic, audience behavior and run optimized and highly targeted ad campaigns.

Shopify Upgrade, Maintenance & Support

Get latest updates for your Shopify store. Keep your business consistent and well organized. Back it up with a strong support system!

Strategy & Consulting Service

We provide constructive strategies to help you build a unique Shopify Store. Clear all your doubts with our top consultants!


Chris Burton


CedCommerce has allocated me a personal manager, I have to say I am very happy with the website kvgp-clothescessories.com because the quality of it is great. And my personal account manager, who spent a lot of time & he is committed to it.

Philip Bennett


Just started using it less than a week ago but so far so good. Easy implementation with really good and proactive customer service. I also use their JET integration app…both app works technically well and have good features. I got sales on both marketplaces quickly after installing.

Jaro Mlaka


I, Jaro Mlaka, am very happy to use Fruugo Marketplace Integration App for my Shopify store(bechic-ie.myshopify.com). I used CedCommerce app to upload products on Fruugo Marketplace. Greatly recommended not just for customer service but the user experience for all the apps.

Oking Habib


Hello.! this is Oking Habib with best Dressman in Texas. CedCommerce has helped me a lot with Etsy. They walked me through when I couldn't understand whatever I was doing. They checked back on me if everything is working on my site. I appreciate you very much.


Shanil Kumar


The App is great! What makes this App great is the customer service support. The support is very friendly and always trying to help, questions are answered very fast, and products uploaded very professionally.