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"No fake promises, only fair and honest approach". With this thought, CedCommerce is leading with more then 1000+ clients, associated via Shopify Framework. CedCommerce is providing you a combine package of various features with 24*7 quality support without any additional charge. Now integrate your shopify store with various marketplaces in easy manner and get more sales. A dedicated account manager will be available for you so that you can understand marketplace and marketplace integration app in a better way

sell on walmart using shopify

This sales channel app enables Shopify users to offer their products on - one of the largest online marketplace of U.S. Using this app, you can easily manage inventory, orders and shipment for Walmart Specific from your Shopify store itself.

sell on jet using shopify

Jet Integration App is one of the most famous app in shopify app store to connect with Jet matketplace. This app provides you real time syncing scenario so that you will never see any kind of mismatch in results. App contains various features to manage your products, orders and inventory.

sell on pricefalls using shopify

Pricefalls is the only U.S. marketplace which shares direct marketing rights with its sellers, communicate freely with your customers and create recurring business. Pricefalls Integration App will work through FTP. Once installed, the app will help you list your products on

sell on tophatter using shopify

Tophatter Marketplace Integration App will help you to list your products on Tophatter for sales and as well as for Auction. You can set your products for Auction on a button click. Provide real time synchronisation of your products and Order. Now sell more via bidding.

sell on bonanza using shopify

Eliminate all the hassle of manual listing and fast track your sales. We are here with new profiling concept without any extra charges, it helps to manage price, inventory and shipping charge of the products for specific product type. An Official Integration partner of Bonanza.

sell on fruugo using shopify

Start cross border marketing. Fruugo Integration App will help you to sell in your own currency, and using recognised payment methods from your country (credit/debit card, Paypal,etc).Tha app takes away the hassle of calculating exchange rates, shipping costs and taxes, offering a safe, and reliable means of shopping from trusted retailers across the globe.

sell on newegg using shopify

Newegg is one of the best marketplace for those sellers who are selling Electronic Products or Gadgets. Newegg Marketplace Integration App will help you to sell on The app helps you to provide description as per recommended by marketplace so that you don't need to work on your html tags.

sell on newegg ca using shopify

Newegg canada integration app will help you to sell on Newegg canada. The app helps you to provide description as per recommended by marketplace so that you don't need to work on your html tags. Also get the latest newegg feeds so that you can get the actual status of your products.

sell on sears using shopify

Sears Marketplace Integration App will help you to sell on in an easy manner. You will get various features through which you can easily list your products on Sears, perform changes in them and sync your orders on shopify from Sears Marketplace. Get the latest updates of Sears Marketplace and earn something more.

sell on sears using shopify

The part of Walmart Inc, is an e-commerce marketplace specifically catering to audiences based out of Canada. Among the top 10 influential companies of Canada, the website oversee the influx of 600,000 customers daily. The integration app achieves automation of inventory, order, and pricing management related functions.

sell on wish using shopify

Shopify is Closing Their Connection With Wish Marketplace. So we will be providing you Instant Solution for Managing Your Orders before 23rd of March 2018. Our App can prove to be the Light in the Tunnel for you to Manage Orders and continue your Business with Wish Marketplace.

sell on best buy using shopify

Among the largest e-commerce marketplace in Canada, BestBuy oversees over 18 million people visiting its website every month. 99% of people are familiar with Best buy in Canada, thereby making it even more desirable.The App comprises of major features such as Syncronization of Order and Inventory in Real Time.

sell on eBay using shopify

171 million customers of eBay makes it the second-largest e-commerce marketplace of the world. Be it Europe, North Africa, or APAC, it receives customers alike from all the regions. Currently 25 million merchants sell on eBay.

sell on Reverb using shopify

Reverb is an online marketplace to buy and sell music gear which launched in 2013. The site allows anyone, from large dealers and manufacturers to small shop owners and individuals, to create free listings for musical instruments and other related equipment. In 2017, it has sales of $429 million.

sell on Etsy using shopify

With 31.7 million buyers and 1.9 million seller community, Etsy is considered to be second most popular e-commerce marketplace of the USA although it has operations all across the world. When you have potential 3 billion+ impressions as an opportunity won’t you sell on that platform.

sell on Cdiscount using shopify

Cdiscount is the best option for you as it is one of the largest eCommerce companies in France and owns the Cdiscount website, which is specifically targeted for the French customers. The net sales of Cdiscount marketplace in 2016 is $1.85 billion. It is the e-commerce leader of the france. Cdiscount has 11.8 million unique visitors per month. It has 21 product categories with the Average basket size of €110. Cdiscount has 28.5% market share in online sales of high-tech electronics, IT and appliances. It has 7,000 pro sellers on the marketplace.

sell on Catch using shopify

With more than 4 million customers and 2 millions parcel shipped in last 12 months, is among the most popular Marketplace of the Australia. 1.2 million positive reviews within last year speaks volumes about the quality of the marketplace.

Walmart DSV using shopify

Drop ship vendor is a supplier who ships the products directly to the customers. In a drop ship vendor the Online sellers keep items in their warehouses and show them on At the point when a request is set, the seller ships it to the purchaser with a Walmart packing slip. Walmart can likewise ask for that a dealer send a specific request to a Walmart retail store when a purchaser picks the "get in store" alternative.

sell on Amazon using shopify is the world’s largest e-commerce marketplace and it supersedes it competitors by large margin. 183 million customers visit the website each month to purchase from over 2 million+ strong seller community

sell on Groupon using shopify

Groupon is an online marketplace which operates in 48 countries around the globe. Groupon has 49.1 Million Active Unique Customers in 2017. The revenue of Groupon marketplace in 2016 $3.143 billion. Groupon’s revenue growth percentage is 11.94%. Our App will provide integration with Groupon Goods where you can manage deals for your orders and products.


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