Why Omni Importer ?


Omni Importer can be used to import your products from Marketplace seller panel to your Shopify store in just one click of the mouse. It simplify the process by automatically fetching Marketplace inventory directly into your Shopify store. As it will reduce manual efforts also so will help you to save lots of time.


One for all

You want to move your Marketplace listings to your Shopify store. We enable you to do it in one go. Simply choose all the products and move them to Shopify with click of a button.

Simplifies complexities

You have 20 sizes of the T-Shirt that sells like crazy or the 50 shades of color variants or anything else. We move them all, yes you heard it right.

Fetches Images

The image of an item can be a make or break point to convert visitors into buyers. We know, it happens all the times, therefore, we help you move the high-resolution image as well.

Be Selective

Maybe that zebra-print top is best for the Marketplace but not for your Shopify. So you have the flag options to stop selected products from being fetched to your Shopify Store.

Maintains Consistency

It doesn’t stop by only fetching your products but also constantly updates all and any changes made to your listings to maintain consistency in item information.

Saves Times

As the app helps you main consistency across platforms and to upload all the items on your shopify store in one-go, it saves your crucial time and efforts.

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Expand Your Business

Most notably, expansion allows you to grow your sales by expanding your customer base.

  • Import your products to your Shopify store from Marketplace.
  • Experience centralised management of products and orders.
  • Import products to your store, you can also list them again on other Marketplaces.
  • Increase sales and reach out to customers globally.

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