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Data experts who implement best practices to decode maximum details from your store and use it to empower your store for maximum sales and high level customer loyalty by increasing visitors the store.

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How can you evolve with accurate data?

Accurate data performs your bunch of work in minutes. Thus, leading you towards the right direction. With fresh minds in the lot, we dig the best methods to give you the results faster than expected.

Google Analytics

  • Google Analytics account setup.
  • Google Analytics code implementation in Shopify.
  • Linking Google Analytics, Google Ads and Google Search console.
  • Channel Grouping to segregate paid traffic from organic traffic.
  • Channel tracking to discover the best traffic channels and campaign tracking to optimize ads for enhanced audience targeting.
  • Data analysis to optimize your store and make your Shopify store perform fast, unravel hidden marketing opportunities and achieve your business objectives.
  • Goal Setup to track every detail of the user behavior and plan future strategy. Funnel Setup to decode user interaction on a custom path in the store.
  • Set up and add E-commerce Tracking to capture product-related data on various parameters that affect product sales.
  • Enhanced E-commerce setup to read the user engagement with products of the store on important parameters.

Facebook Analytics

  • Facebook pixel setup to discover user behavior and display ads to the most relevant audience on Facebook.
  • Facebook event setup.
  • Facebook sales funnel set up n creation.

Tracking Tools Setup

  • Installation & verification of 3rd party tools.
  • Heatmap Setup to monitor user engagement on the store.
  • One - time training of tools to help you become familiar and use it seamlessly.

Eager to have a comprehensive outlook about Tracking & Analytics?

It will help you track your target audience on Facebook in an even more precise and effective way. This will ensure your advertising efforts are directed towards potential customers. You will get better insights about the effectiveness of Facebook ads performance and accordingly analyze what is next to optimize. Facebook pixel is the key to put your advertising efforts in the right direction.
Definitely, it is an amazing and effective tool that helps in decoding the (overall) shopping behavior of customers. It will help in finding the cause behind the shopping cart abandonment rate add other parameters too.
We will set up your Ecommerce Tracking in Google Analytics. Analyze and examine the data to discover the critical parameter(s) for store success. This includes conversion rate, product purchase date wise, revenue generating pages, products getting maximum and minimum sales/views and most importantly which potential keywords can be leveraged to boost traffic.
It is possible to track your store’s marketing efforts in terms of how visitors interact with landing pages and buy products. Data about landing pages getting maximum traffic -- will be helpful to optimize the store for further increasing sales.
Yes, data collected about ‘Bounce Rate’ will reveal the problematic pages. We will fix it SEO wise and add the missing elements of user engagement. This will make your store pages user-oriented to generate an extraordinary user experience. The more time a visitor spends on the store the more likely he is to make a purchase.

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