The easiest way to sell products from Shopify store to Rakuten

Sell on Rakuten with bulk product listing, Inventory Management, Price management and much more.


Seamlessly upload your products through CSV on Rakuten Marketplace and carry out changes in the product listing, description, etc.
As soon as you receive orders on Rakuten, the orders are synced with the app. The orders synced, are then created on Shopify store so that you can easily manage your orders by confirming it on your store.
The Rakuten Shopify integration app makes the task of setting price for your products flexible. You can set the desired prices and adjust them from time to time according to the ongoing scenario.
Get regular notifications from your Marketplace (Rakuten) about the status of your products. This helps you to keep a track of successful orders, failed orders, etc.
You can set a minimum quantity for your products so that you get updated as soon as your products are on the verge of going out of stock. This will help you manage your inventory on Shopify store.
The app helps you to cancel your orders automatically as soon as your product has gone out of stock so that you do not receive a warning of “late delivery” for any of your orders.

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  • How can I start selling products on Rakuten?
  • What is the fee to sell on Rakuten?
  • Does Rakuten restrict the sale of any specific product?
  • Does Rakuten provide exclusive Shipping services?
  • Can I sell all over the globe?
  • Can I customize the prices of my products?
  • How can I list my products easily and manage the inventory?

We like to keep it simple!
The answer to all your questions is one- Shopify Rakuten Integration app.
With 24*7 support and consistent expertise, we understand you better and cater to all your questions related to selling on RAKUTEN.
Our app helps you to overlook all the problems and pave your ways straight towards a successful future as a seller!

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What makes Rakuten unique?

Rakuten is one of the leading marketplaces of Japan and the United States. It is a seller-friendly marketplace which has a wide range of product categories such as electronics, health, sports and fitness and much more.
Rakuten stands out as a marketplace as it provides-

  • Loyal customer base to ensure sustainable growth.
  • Rakuten Super Logistics to provide easy shipment for your products.
  • Customized Rakuten seller account.
  • Higher brand visibility.
  • Frequent Redemption of seller points.

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