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Increase your store’s visibility online using PPC Advertising

Get a targeted audience for your products with our PPC services. We ensure that we enhance your web presence, fetch more trustworthy prospects to your store and have a better conversion statistics.

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How do we make self-advertisement an easy task for you?

In the course of our eCommerce journey, we have realized the worth of having a targeted traffic on our website. We have a team of certified experts that sit over a coffee and discuss the best PPC strategies for your store.

Enjoy our following Pay Per Click (PPC) services:

  • Google Ads,Bing Ads & Facebook Ads Account set-up
  • Determining keywords, target locations and desired conversion goals through Marketing tools
  • Creating Text Ads, Banner Ads & Shopping Ads(PLAs) on Google & Bing
  • Remarketing and Re-engaging lost store visitors
  • Traffic-generating social media Ads (Facebook & Twitter Ads)

Eliminate all your queries regarding Paid Ads

Pay-per-click advertising, or PPC advertising, is a specific type of search engine marketing designed to drive traffic to your website. When certain keywords are entered into a search engine, your ad appears in the search results.
PPC helps in bringing your products across Search and Display Networks, hence increases the visibility of your products. Thereby, more targeted traffic reaches your Store and you tend to achieve a better conversion rate.
You can run Google Ads, Bing Ads, Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads, etc. to promote your Shopify store/products.To reduce your time & efforts, you can hire a company to run different kinds of Paid Ads for you.
Since Pay Per Click Ads help to fetch targeted audience to your website, they are very helpful. As a Shopify seller, who aspires to grow traffic & sales, PPCs can be very scopeful for you, despite the fact that paid & organic marketing go hand in hand.
A quality Pay Per Click Agency be providing all the paid ad options one can have to promote his Shopify store/products. The agency/company should provide open quotes for all of its services and should provide proper report from time to time. The company should preferably be Certified Partners and should be budget-friendly. The company/agency should be able to cater to one’s individual needs.

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