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    • Why My products have been unlisted from the

      Here is the reason behind the unlisted products of published items.

      1. If the products have not sufficient inventory ( like 0) then the Sears marketplace team remove the products from the frontend.
      2. If the products price is not competitive then marketplace (including shipping charges).

    • Why my all products are not listing in manage products Grid in the app?

      Please make sure that you have mapped all the products category with Sears category. To map the categories, please follow:-

      • Click on Products
      • Select Map Category from the dropdown
      • Search for the most relevant category
      • Pick one of them
      • Hit the Submit button

    • Can App sync the inventory from Shopify to

      Whenever inventory updates in Shopify store, the APP automatically sync it with Sears Marketplace. 

    • What is "Attribute mapping"?

      Attribute mapping depends upon the categories that you have mapped.

      In which some attribute is required and some are not. If the attribute is required & then you have to map it.

      Attribute mapping is like, in which you have to map your Shopify variant options with Sears options.

      For example : Sears has given the attribute in Clothing|Men's Apparel|Men's Big Tall|Men's Big-Tall Shirts. You have assigned your products in the same category and if you have the variations in the products then you have to map the variant attribute with sears attributes, Like Shopify color with Sears color</p>

    • What is the need for "Attribute mapping"?

      With the attribute mapping, you send variant Products on Sears Marketplace. If you don't map the attribute options then Variant Products will be listed as Simple products.

    • What is "Option Value Mapping"?

      As Attribute mapping is dependent upon the category mapping, in the same way, Option Value Mapping is dependent upon the Attribute mapping, where you send the values of Attributes on Sears Marketplace. For example, you made the variations on the basis of colors and provided three values Red, Blue, Green. Now,  you have to map these values with sears options.

      You map red with Sears -Red, Blue with Sears-blue, and Green with Sears-green

    • What is the difference between "attribute mapping" and "Option Value Mapping". Is it mandatory?

      In Attribute mapping, you map the variants with Sears Attribute. 

      As Attribute mapping is dependent upon the category mapping, in the same way,Option Value Mapping is dependent upon the Attribute mapping. Where you map attribute values with Sears options.

      Yes, it is mandatory on Sears marketplace.

      It is provided by the Sears.
      Attribute Mapping is - Shopify attribute ---------- map with------- Sears attribute.

      Option Mapping is -

      Color---------- map with-------Sears color

      |-- Red---------- map with------- |-- Red

      |-- Blue ---------- map with-------|-- Blue

      |-- Green ---------- map with------- |-- Green |

      and so on.

    • Can I update the products in Bulk?

      Yes, you can update the products information in bulk by CSV.

      • a) Go to Export/Import section.
      • b) Select the field that you want to update from export CSV section.
      • c) Click on export A CSV file will be imported.

      kindly update into the CSV and save it into your computer system. Now,

      a) Go to Export/Import section.

      b) browse the CSV file that you have updated and saved it into your system.

      c) click on import.

    • How to Upload my products via Sears integration app?

      Under Manage Products Section-

      To upload all products in bulk -
      Click on Bulk Upload button
      BUT , To upload Selected products only -

      > Select the product(s).   
      > Select upload products from the dropdown "Select Bulk Action"
      > Click on Submit

    • What is the process of making products Publish on Sears?  OR How to upload products on Sears Marketplace?

      a) Go to manage product section.

      b) Select the products that you want to upload.

      c) Choose &quot;upload product&quot; from the drop-down.

      d) Submit

      Now check the status of submitted products through FEED Details

      a) Go to the feed details section from the Products section, update it and check the item received and success as well the errors and warning.

      b) Go back to manage product section.

      c) Click on get product status.

      d) Update inventory.

    • Why my products are showing Published in Seller panel as well in app, but still not listed on Sears marketplace?

      If the seller has provided the complete and valid information into the products then the Sears marketplace team will take minimum 24hours to publish the products on Sears marketplace.

    • I have changed the image of my products on my Shopify store. How will it be reflected on your app and on

      If you have changed the image of your products or made any change to price, inventory, title, barcode, etc. then all you have to do is to click on Select & Sync Products then a dialogue box will appear containing a list of fields to be Sync with Shopify. From there you can select the fields that you want to Sync from Shopify store. Then click on Sync. After this, all the changes that are made in the Shopify store will be reflected on our app and after re-uploading the products the changes will be reflected on

    • I have resolved the error and warnings. What to do the next?

      a) Reupload the products.

      b) Check the feed if it is now fine.

      c) Update the inventory.

    • Why I am getting the orders for those products which I had already deleted from the store? Or I have deleted some products from Store but it is still Publish on Sears Marketplace.

      When you delete the products from the store and it is published on Sears marketplace, then you have to delete the products from the sears to remove the listing from Sears Marketplace.

    • How can I delete (remove) the listed products from Sears Marketplace?

      You can delete the products from our app or from the Sears seller panel. Through the App, kindly follow :

      > Go to "Manage product Section".

      > Select the products that you want to delete.

      > Choose "Delete product on sears" from the "bulk action" drop-down menu.

      > Click on "submit".

    • I use shipstation to pull in orders, but since it also pulls in Shopify orders, they show up twice. How do I stop the Sears orders from going to Shopify? I'd like to be able to see orders in shipstation from where they come from.

      If you don't want to sync order from Sears marketplace to Shopify Store then follow this :

      • Go to "Configuration Setting" there you can see "Sears Orders".
      • You can set "NO" if you don't want to sync order(s) in Shopify store"
      • Then click on "Save" button on top of the page.

      Now your orders will not sync to Shopify store.

    • How to check the errors and warning in submitted products?

      > Go to the "feed details" section under Products section. 

      > update the recent feed by select the feed, choose "update feed status " from the drop down and submit it.

      > once the feed status shows "feed updated" , view it by clicking on "eye" icon.

      > check the Item received, item succeeded, item failed.

      > If the product(s) have any error/warning, it will be listed in the feed.

    • My Sears orders are not syncing in your app. Why?

      The Sears orders are not fetched on the app, this may happen because you are using any other shipping services. We recommend you to fully integrate all the services with our app and disable all other shipping services.

    • How can this error be resolved “Sears API failure”?

      If you get this error you have to check the API Authorization Key on the app from the Settings section and on the Seller panel, both should be the same. For doing so follow the below steps:
      1. Go-to "Sears Seller Panel".
      2. Open "Account info".
      3. Scroll down to "API Authorization Key".
      4. Click on "Generate New Key". Copy the key from there.
      5. Paste that on the app and click the "SAVE" button.
      Now, you can continue to start uploading more products.

    • Why does the error for “offer condition not provided” come? And how to resolve it

      This error is gained because you haven’t specified the condition of the product (new, refurbished, etc). You can do that by clicking on the edit button(pencil on the app) of the product and scroll down to “offer conditions” and select the appropriate option from the dropbox.

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