List the Wish products on Shopify & create your brand in a short span of time.


Omni Importer- Wish ensures uninterrupted listing of Wish products on Shopify in just a single go. It connects the Wish Seller Panel to the Shopify store, thereby, transfers the Marketplace Product Details to the Shopify store easily. It has been developed with an aim to reduce time & effort of sellers aspiring to create their own brand.


Bulk Product Update

Omni Importer-Wish helps to fetch in Product Details of the desired products from to Shopify in an aggregate.

High-Resolution Image Transfer

The app allows you to fetch high-quality images from your Wish Panel & update the same on the Shopify store.

Multiple Collections to Choose from

Sellers have full liberty to select the collections for their products to list on Shopify store.

Real-Time Synchronisation

The app updates any inventory or pricing related changes made to your Wish Listings at your Shopify Store.

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