Import your Walmart products to Shopify seamlessly


Walmart Importer - CedCommerce

Walmart Importer has been designed to help the Walmart sellers to list their products on Shopify by connecting their Marketplace Seller Panel to Shopify store in just a single click.


User-friendly Interface

The app is designed in a way that helps to easily use and access it the way you want to sell better.

Bulk Product Upload

List desired products from Walmart to Shopify store in just a few seconds.

Complete Transfer of Product Details

The app helps you to fetch details of your Walmart products and reflect it on Shopify store.

Product Management

Modify the Walmart Product Details on the app and get them updated on Shopify store instantly.

Inventory Management

Convey the inventory status of your Walmart products to Shopify store.

Currency Conversion

Through the app you can set the desired currency on your Shopify store.

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