Shopify Wish-Integration Documentation :: How to Sell on

What Is Wish?

Declared the best shopping app of 2014, the consumer behavior and analytics take center stage to recommend the best-fit products for its consumers. The app offers a personalized user experience driven by their earlier user visits and curates the listing for the future usages empowering Sellers to find laser focused targeted audiences.

Some facts about

1. Product Categories

The main product categories on are Shoes, Automotive, Wallets & Bags, Accessories, gadgets, Home decor, and Phone upgrades.

2. Buyer Persona

The Buyer Persona Found on Wish Marketplace are Mens(25-65+), Womens(25-35), Technophiles(18-25).

3. Affordable Pricing

The buyers flock to wish marketplace as it offers unbelievably cheap prices for the products as they’re directly shipped from manufacturer from China.

For 3P Sellers: Why Sell on

The leading m-commerce marketplace in Europe and North America, with 100 million global audiences and 1 million daily users.

1. Advertise has developed an in-house advertising platform based on the activity users perform while shopping at which allows sellers to use product boost functionality to get in front of millions of targeted audiences.

2. M-Commerce Presence

Since mostly wish is used on M-commerce, it enables online sellers to push their products to m-commerce and saves them from investing into mobile app development and subsequent enhancements.

3. No Extra Charges

Being extremely seller friendly for the takes no listing fee, no monthly fee, and no account fee, therefore all sellers need is investing in most apt technology

4. Easy Commissions

The only type of fee taken from Sellers is Commission each sales and that too is charged only when sales happen therefore if no sales then no operational fee.

How to Sell on

To sell on, sellers need to first register and then connect their stores with through API-based marketplace listing app.

Pre-requisites of Sell on Wish?

There are 3 requirements to sell on

  • The Sellers should be Authorized Brand sellers as wish needs trademark, license and manufacturer invoice etch to when you apply to sell on Wish.
  • You should not sell used and refurbished products on Wish.
  • Also, since wish is low priced product website, selling high-end items is never a good idea.

Steps to sell on Wish?

Step 1:- To list products on, sellers can create their store instantly by visiting and register.

Step 2:- Once approved provides provides Client ID and secret key to connect sellers' store with and thereafter product upload process starts.