Shopify Tophatter-Integration Documentation :: How to Sell on

What is

Tophatter is a discovery shopping app where shoppers compete in fleeting 90 seconds auction to win deals. It has 16 million and expanding the user base. Users get to purchase the products at the prices up to 80% less. It backed by leading Silicon Valley Venture Capital Firms - Goodwater Capital, August Capital and CRV. They are based in San Francisco and Shanghai, China.

Reasons to Start Selling on

With bargain hunters visiting the website to compete in the auction and grab products at super affordable prices and at the same time it gives an opportunity to 3p sellers to leverage their user base. Following are the reasons to sell on Tophatter:

1. More prominent Item visibility:

3 million things sold every month among the 16 million clients with an 85+ offer through rates says a lot for the fame of the tophatter. Likewise, as of now 1000+ high volume vendors offer their items on Tophatter.

2. Reasonable and Quick:

With barters completing under 90 seconds and normal offering cost between $15-$20 and ($80-$100 for marked things) constraints spending plan cognizant clients make rehash buys.

3. Dealer Centered:

Another in addition to focuses on the dealers is that they get uncommon treatment with best accomplices getting committed record administrator to address every one of their needs and audit the record on customary time interims.

4. Less demanding Stock Administration:

Adding stock to the store is simple. Vendors can without much of a stretch include things utilizing merchant board, CSV or through robotized channel coordination administration programming accomplices. (CedCommerce is the official channel joining accomplices).

5. Promoting devices:

Shippers can feature particular things or whole social occasions of things in a couple of ticks to drive up arrangements and additional offering costs.

6. Per product insight and analytics:

Easily track the performance of each of your products on Tophatter so you can optimize your inventory.

7. Grow Faster:

Tophatter technology, tools, and the team are working around the clock to support our partners in growing their businesses and make it fun for our shoppers to discover new products.

Why Start Bidding at $1?

Low starting prices attract more bidders and that leads to higher average selling prices.

As a seller, you start at $1 because that’s an invitation to the buyers to come and literally compete to buy your product. Often, the closing price is far higher than you expect.

If you start at a higher price (example: $15 plus $5 shipping), you will see a drastically lower number of bidders. Tophatter shoppers are drawn to the other seller’s product who start their prices at $1.

How to Become Potential Seller on Tophatter?

1. Sell impulse items that attracts young buyers

Shoppers come to Tophatter to buy unique, fun and desirable gifts at great prices for themselves and their friends/family.

2. Pick a category you know well!

Fashion jewelry, electronics, apparel, home items, and accessories all sell well.

3. Ship rapidly

Customers love to get their things rapidly. The Tophatter stage tracks "Days to Convey" of everything you offer. Vendors that ship rapidly has a tendency to have reliably higher item surveys than those that don't.

4. Set low Target Price

Prices set at low will definitely attract every customer, and target prices illustrate the lowest price at which you can sell your products, as the products will be scheduled for Auction on Tophatter, so the price will depreciate up to some extent.

5. Grasp the $1 begin

The way to the achievement of any bartering is getting loads of bidders included. $1 begin costs = more bidders = higher offering costs. Each time a customer offers a thing the cost goes up, much the same as in any customary sale.

6. Set Reasonable Shipping Price

The items that ship at less price is more demanding on Tophatter. So setting low shipping price is a win condition.

How to Sell on Tophatter?

Tophatter welcomes marketplace sellers looking to grow their revenue on a marketplace that sells 3 million + products per month. Top sellers sell $1 million – $10 million per year on the Tophatter marketplace.

Steps to Sell on Tophatter: (Instant Selling)

  • Visit the link – Click Here,

    Here you can see two options –

  • a) Start Selling – to instantly start listing the products and,
  • b) Apply to become a partner – to sell in bulk (sell 500 – 5,000+ items per week).
  • To list products on, sellers must be first approved by Tophatter, get the Tophatter partner account via answering few questions.

    1. Create Your First Product Listing:

    Following steps are taken to create a product:

    • Add some basic information about User ID, Product Title, Product Description: Product Title should be short, sweet and catchy. It should attract customers.
    • Enter product variations: Variations are only accepted as Size and Color.
    • Next, set moderate pricing: The prices should not be too high, nor it should be too low.
    • Next, add order processing and shipping information: Set a reasonable shipping price. It is recommended $4 or less. Many sellers offer free shipping, but it’s up to sellers. All prices in the Seller Dashboard are in USD. Customers will see the item prices and bid amounts in their local currency. Tophatter does the currency exchange. Ship your orders as fast as you can.
    • Upload your images: Add 4-5 good quality images per product to get good ratings on Tophatter. Images should be 500*500 pixels in size and not more than 4 MB.

    2. Confirm Seller Terms:

    This is the final step before you start selling.

    3. Advertise Your First Item:

    Sellers who put a small budget into Advertising get higher prices and more ‘Buy Nows’. Click ‘Advertising’, select ‘Advertise Individual Products, and set a small advertising budget for your first product. $0.20 per ‘alert’ with a daily budget of $3.00 is fine. It’s likely you’ll get 1–2 alerts per day.

    4. You’re ready to sell!

    Your first item should sell within a couple of hours. Then you can fulfill the order. In the meantime, get started with next steps to scaling your account on Tophatter.

    When the item is sold to the higher bidder, the buyer will pay you directly through Tophatter and you will receive the payment after delivery has been confirmed.

    5: When your item sells on Tophatter:

    Go to section Selling-->Order on the Seller Panel to review the details.

    6: As the final step, you are ready to ship the item to the buyer.


    Always prefer channel integration partners. These companies are constantly in touch with Tophatter executives, hence share a great rapport, which will not only help you get accepted but afterward all your critical and menial jobs will be preferential because Tophatter gives high priority to its partners.