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    • What is the concept of bidding in Tophatter?

      Tophatter is actually a bidding website where you can put your products for auction. The tophatter marketplace is best suited for auctioning but if you want you can even sell the products at Buy Now Price also.

    • At which price does Bid start?

      It is totally up to your wish. The bid starts at the price you set for bidding. The bid is a type of engagement for the buyers to come and view your products and if interested can move further for bidding. Your product will never be sold at this cost and you will never face any loss if you will put your product for bid.


    • Is it mandatory to put the products for bid?

      No, it is not mandatory to put your products for bid. If you want to put the products in Buy Now set the SFB at $0.00.

    • How bidding works?

      • Sellers specify a per-reminder bid for each product they advertise.
      • Your bid represents the amount you're willing to pay for a reminder on your product.
      • Products with higher bids receive higher priority in Tophatter's catalogs and search results.
      • Additionally, products that receive reminders at a fast rate receive higher priority than products that receive reminders at a slow rate.
      • We encourage you to experiment with different bid amounts to see how it impacts the number of reminders your products receive.
      • The minimum bid is 5 cents and the maximum bid is 99 cents.
      • The daily budget controls the amount of advertising a particular product receives per day.
      • The per-product daily budget minimum is $3 and the maximum is $100.

    • What should be the size of the image which we will put for our product? How many images we can to put for the products?

      According to Tophatter the seller will have to put the size of the image as 500*500 or less than 4MB. To upload the product you will have to put minimum 2 images and if you want to get good rating of your product you can put 4-5 images.


    • What is the difference between Retail price, Cost basis and Buy now price?

      There are the 3 different prices set for a single product:

      Retail price: It is the maximum price which you will set for your products but you will never sell the products at that price. It will be shown with the price at which you are selling the product. It is also known as Strike Through Price.

      Cost Basis: It is the minimum price which you will set for your product below which you will not sell your product. If any of your product is put for auction and it did not reach your cost basis, you will not have to ship the product but if reach the cost basis price you will have to ship it.

      Buy Now price: It is the price at which you will sell your product when you will not put it for auction.

    • How the bid moves?

      Each time someone bids, the price goes up by $1. After bidding passes $10, each bid moves the price up by $2.

    • How much time will it take to make my product enabled on Tophatter?

      Tophatter take about 5-7 days to review sellers account and products. After review your product will get enabled on Tophatter.

    • What are Catalog only Products?

      These are the products which are put on the site only at Buy Now Price. These products will never go for auction by Tophatter. These products will be sold at their normal price which will be set by the seller.

    • What is the difference between Days to deliver and Expedited days to deliver?

      When any buyer choose for Expedited day delivery that means that buyer wants his product to be shipped to him in next day or 1 day.

      Days to deliver are the days which seller set to deliver his products which can be between 3 to 21 days.

    • Is there any defined length of the Title and Description of the product?

      No, there is no fixed length of the description and title of the product. You can set the title and description as you want.

    • How to set the bidding price?

      The bid can be set through Start Bid option present under shipping configuration section in the setting tab in our app. It will keep increasing as the bid increase on Tophatter.


    • What are the best selling categories on Tophatter?

      There are 3 best selling categories on Tophatter:




    • When will I get paid by Tophatter?

      You will be paid after the product will be delivered to the customer. It is compulsory to give a tracking ID to your product which will proof that the sellers are trusted one.

    • How much does it cost to sell?

      There is no monthly fees, you will only have to pay when your product will be sold.

      For Buy Now: The average fees is 25%-35% of the sales price.

      For Auction: The average fees is 25%-35% of the sales price + (SFB value * the number of times products the schedule).

    • How can I become good seller on Tophatter?

      There are few ways which can make you a good seller on Tophatter:

      Sell 1-2 category product: Always try to sell limited category of products on the marketplaces as there are many other sellers who would be selling the same category of products as you. So you may focus on selling few items but it should be unique and attractive. Don’t create a mess of products.

      Try to put your products for auction: Bidding is a process that attracts lots of buyers, so may put your products for auction for getting more sales.

      Ship quickly: Always deliver the product to the customer on the expected delivery date. Always set minimum days required for shipping. Delay in the shipment may effect your seller metrics.

    • What products cannot be sold on Tophatter?

      There are few products which are restricted by Tophatter to be sold:




      Firearms, Weapons

      Animal skin products, etc

    • Why my products are unscheduled or disabled?

      Product can be disabled from Tophatter due to following reasons:

      • The product was submitted in the wrong Category.

      • The listing contained inaccurate or misleading information

      • Missing images or other required content.

      • The listing had an inaccurate or inflated retail price.

      • Seller information could not be verified.

    • I have 2 Seller Account of Tophatter, what to tell them?

      It is not allowed t have 2 Seller Account on Tophatter. You need to deleted one account, else both your Seller Account will be suspended. You have to manage all your products through one app and one Seller Panel, and use correct Access Token and Seller Id on app.

    • What is the procedure to delete the Seller Account?

      Follow the below steps to delete the account:

      1. Log in to the Seller Account which you want to delete.
      2. Go to Account----->Account Info
      3. Click on Cancel Account
      4. Give a reason and click Cancel Account
      5. Your Seller Account will be deleted successfully.

    • Is it possible to convert Enabled for Auction products to Catalog Only Products?

      Yes, you can easily change the status of your products. To put enabled products into catalog only state, set the SFB Value $0.00 and re-upload the products from the app and their status will change on Tophatter. To put catalog only products into the auction set the SFB value between $1 to $4, re-upload the required products from the app using upload option.

    • If I have single image for all my products, then what should I do?

      Update images on your Shopify store and then sync it with our app.

      If you don't have extra images then upload your store logo in Settings. Keep it as the last option, because this can lower your product rating.

    • I want to list all my variants individually on Tophatter.

      Tophatter does not allow listing variant products as Simple. If you want then create those variants as Simple products on Shopify store then upload them on Tophatter.

    • I don't want to put my products for auction

      If you don’t want to put products in the auction, simply set the SFB $0.00 and upload them using the upload products option. The product will upload in the Buy Now. 

    • What is Buy One Get One Price? Is it mendatory to fill Expedited Days to deliver, Expedited Shipping Price and Buy One Get One Price?

      Buy One Get One Price is the offer price if any product have it.

      No, all these fields are not mandatory to be filled.

    • How can I update my products in bulk using CSV?

      Using CSV Import/Export you can update your product information in bulk by exporting products from the Export CSV section and importing the CSV file after making all the required changes. You can update the following details :

      • Material
      •  Retail Price
      • Expedited Shipping
      • Price
      • Expedited Days to Deliver
      • Title

      CSV feature on our app is only for updating products on the app, it has nothing to do with Shopify and Tophatter Marketplace. If you want to update products on Tophatter, then after importing just upload the products. But make sure that you have disabled the syncing of the product for that particular field which you have updated by CSV or else it will be changed again.


    • Is it necessary to provide minimum 2 images for each product?

      Yes, it is mandatory to provide minimum 2 images. Otherwise you won’t be able to upload products on Tophatter. We also have an alternate solution for this concern, but that might affect your product rating.

    • How do I put products in auction?

      To place your products in auction, set the SFB (scheduling Fee Bid) between $1 to $4 before uploading the products.

    • What is product health?

      Product health shows how your product product is performing on Tophatter. It is indicated by three colours on Tophatter:

      Green-  It means your product has a very good rating.
      Yellow- It means your product has a moderate rating.
          Red-  It means your product has a poor rating.

    • What are the factors that affect product health?

      Product health is an overall combination of the orders, product descriptions, images, price, inventory, views and other parameters decided by Tophatter marketplace. Keep your product updated to earn a better rating for your products.

    • What is Scheduling Fee bid?

      Scheduling Fee bid (SFB) is a competitive Bid that allows sellers to bid on a scheduling fee; the highest bidders will have more volume scheduled. SFB allows sellers to have more control over what products are scheduled and the volume at which they sell. You can also lower the bids to slow down the volume if it not up to the margin.

      Any category that uses SFB now has lower commission i.e, 10% commission, plus the bid.

      sellers can set SFB between $1 to $4 to upload the products in the Auction.

      Sellers can set the SFB $0.00 to upload the products in Buy Now.