Shopify Pricefalls-Integration Documentation :: How to Sell on

What is

Pricefalls is a U.S based online marketplace with monthly Website Visits More than 900k. It is founded in 2008 in Lewiston, Maine and relocated to Las Vegas in Jan. 2009. On Pricefalls merchants can sell products of all categories, but electronics & accessories are at the lowest price. Pricefalls is for the small and medium-sized businesses who wish to sell products to a wider audience.

Reasons why Customers Turn up to

Pricefalls follows a holistic approach with state-of-the-art-decision-making resources such as Product Description, ‘How-to’, Reviews and high quality photos which helps to win the confidence of visitors into buyers. Some of the core reasons are as given here.

1) Exclusivity is basically niche marketplace. Although it offers products in 30+ categories still its computer hardware and consumer electronic category is its true identity. All sorts of computer related items from PC games to PS4, and from components to computer systems, every thing is there an they create awesome content to facilitate decision making

2) Discounts and Loyalty Bonuses

Another edge that has is that it offers discounts and deals from time to time. And Since those purchase from this websites are basically, nerds, geeks or other computer aware audiences, the Promo code marketing works great for

3) Trust has over 3.5 million customer reviews. These large no of customer reviews make decision making easy and also enables to win trust.

Why Sellers should offer their products on

1) Niche Audiences boast of 32 million strong tech enthusiasts loyalty. Therefore, if you sell computer hardware and related items, this is the place to be.

2) Global Outreach

By selling on, you get the chance to connect with buyers from 50+ Countries

3) Logistics and customer service

The has great logistics system that enables to time bound fulfillment of your orders and quality customer service takes care of all the customer grievances and makes them comfortable

4) Customized Marketing

One of the best aspects of selling at Pricefalls is their customized marketing enabling sellers to spread the word about their brands. Here merchandising team work with sellers in tandem to create a structured plan

5) Brand Presence

The sellers get to place their brand logo from storefront to throughout the purchasing process, enabling you to grab eyeballs for your brand.

Popular Categories at

The popular categories at are:

  1. Computers & Electronics
  2. Accessories & Supplies
  3. Audio & Video Accessories
  4. Portable Electronics
  5. Sound Amplifiers

How to Sell on

You can connect your store to Pricefalls by 2 methods-

  • a) Third Party Provider:If you want to manage everything in an automate way so that you don't need to manage your inventory, products and orders mannualy, then definitely you should go for an integration provider . In this way you don't need to waste your time to look after each process.customer support service will make every process easy for you.
  • b) Manual Method: In this method you can use pricefalls(market-place) panel to manage your product listing and orders.