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    • While I am trying to upload my products, getting this error : Missing profile/profile not assigned. How to fix it?

      You get this error because you are trying to upload a product to without a Profile Name.


      Products with profile assigned can only be uploaded to Bonanza through the App.

      In order to assign a profile, you need to create a profile and map your Shopify Products to Bonanza Category

      For assigning profile-

      Click on Profiling>Add new profile on the menu bar of your app account.

      Now, fill the required information.

      After this, click on Submit button. This will create profile for your product.

      Now, re-upload product from Manage products section.

         If have any issue, you can refer the video.

      You can also read Profile Doc to understand profiling in a better manner.

    • When I click on Item analysis then why products status on app is not changing?

      In this situation, you can contact our team. 

      You can write to us at or directly contact us through the Live Chat facility available on your panel

      You can also connect with us through Skype : live:support_35785


    • Why my products are in incomplete state?

      Ensure your product’s title, price, shipping, and category are properly set. Also, check that the product is having inventory or not.

    • What are prohibited items on Bonanza?

      There are several products which are not allowed to sell on Bonanza. You can find list of prohibited products under the following link:

    • What to do if I don't want to manage orders from the app?

      Go to Settings in app, select No from drop down in Order management.

    • How do I get Booth ID?

      You can get your Booth ID from seller panel of Bonanza.

    • What is Profiling?

      Profiling is used to customize your products on the basis of price, inventory, shipping. 

    • How to Create Profile for the Products?

      There are two types of Profiles based on the Mapping that you can create & assign to your Products.

      • Category Level Mapping
      • Product Level Mapping

      You can create a profile for your products using the following steps:

      • Click on the Profiling section in the Top Menu Bar.

      • Choose Add New Profile.

      • Fill the details in the tabs:

      • General, - Enter the Profile Name 

      • Category Management  - Choose Manual for Category Level Mapping / Advance for Product Level Mapping & Make the Selection to Map the Products to Bonanza Category

      • Shipping management, - Set the Domestic and International Shipping Type & Rates for the Products

      • Inventory management, -  Set the Inventory Rules

      • Price management, - Set the Price Rules

      • Return policy management. - Set the Refund Policy

      Once done  click on the Submit button

      Note :

      1.  General and Category Management are Mandatory to be filled in order to submit the profile
      2. Map your product to correct Bonanza Categories

    • How to upload products on Bonanza?

      For uploading products on Bonanza, follow these steps:

      • Click on Products section in menu bar.

      • Choose Manage Products.

      • Select the products that you want to upload.

      Choose Upload Products from bulk action and click Submit.

    • How to delete products on Bonanza?

      For deleting products on Bonanza, follow these steps:

      • Click on Products > Bonanza Booth Items section in menu bar

      • Select the products that you want to delete

      Choose Delete Products on Bonanza  from action tab and click Submit.

      Following the above steps Products would be deleted on Bonanza Marketplace and the same product in the App will move into the Not Uploaded Product Category.

    • Why products are in “Item ready to post”?

      If products are in Item ready to post state on app, just follow these steps to make them in Item for sale:

      • Click on Products section in menu bar.

      • Choose Manage Products.

      Click Update your Booth button.

    • What if I am not using any of advertising level on Bonanza?

      You can continue to sell your items at Economy (3.5%). In Economy advertising level, only organic traffic is activated.

    • What should I do if product and order stats in Home on Bonanza app is showing wrong data?

      Click on ‘Refresh’ button in right to stats tab.

    • Why products on Shopify are not showing in your app?

      You must create profile first, from Add new profile under Profiling section on your Bonanza app. When you submit profile then your products on Shopify will be visible in Manage products section in app.

    • What are the Steps to Setting up a Booth?

      Steps to set-up your Booth Bonanza:-

      1. Login to
      2. Click on the button to Sell on Bonanza, then click the green button to "Start Selling Now."  
      3. Click the green button to "Open your Booth".
      4. Set your booth title, username, contact email and password*.  
      5. Connect your PayPal account to receive payment from buyers. Set your return policy, and enter your personal identification information.
      6. Enter your credit card information to validate your identity and finalize setup.


    • What are the prohibited items?
    • What is "Best offer" (OBO)?

      Buyers can submit an offer to sellers and they have the option to accept or deny that offer. If there is a minimum price you are willing to accept, you can set an "Instant offer price" via the item listing page or batch editor so that Bonanza automatically accepts any offers higher than the indicated price, allowing the buyer to checkout immediately without having to wait for your approval.

    • Why seller should choose to sell on Bonanza marketplace?

      There are some distinctive features to sell your products on Bonanza are as follows:

      a. Google Integration

      b. Background Burner

      c. Product Sync

      d. Top-Rated Support

      e. Products out the Door

      f. Exclusive Connections

    • How do I delete Items from my Booth?

      If you'd like to delete items from your booth, you have two choices:

      • If you have just a few items, you can visit your "Selling > Add or edit items" page and click the "More" link on the toolbar above the item you want to delete. Then click the "Delete Listing" link from the menu that appears (see above) .

      • If you've got a lot of items you want to delete at once, you can use the batch editor to do this by going to the  "Selling > Batch edit items" page. You can then select multiple rows of items, select the "delete" option in the top area. Click the "Apply changes" button and all selected items will be deleted.

    • How do I edit an item?

      Through the following steps you can edit an Item in Bonanza:

      • You can access the edit item page by hovering your mouse over the "Selling" link in the upper left corner of any page then selecting "Add or edit items" from the drop down.

      • Once you're on the "Add or edit items" page, simply click the "Edit" link on the tool menu that shows above each item.

      • Clicking the "Add a new Item" button will take you to a blank New Item Form, or "edit item" page, to put in your product information

    • What are Item Traits and how do I add Item Traits to my items?

      • There are many ways to help buyers find your items amongst the millions of items that are available online. Item categories ("Collectibles," "Video Games," etc.) are a great start, but often times a category alone cannot capture all of the details that buyers will want to know when they're searching for an item.

      • For example, say you're searching for a necklace for your niece. You would start by browsing to the "Jewelry & Watches -> Fashion Jewelry" category, but once you were there, you would be presented with green necklaces, red necklaces, gold necklaces, platinum necklaces, etc.

      • Item traits are a way for buyers to dig deeper within a given category. So in the hypothetical scenario above, the buyer might create a search filter so they see only items with a ruby gemstone and a silver band.

    • Fees to Bonanza Marketplace

      1. Free setup and listing

      2. Low transaction fees

      3. Free advertising until your item sells

    • How my products get LIVE on Bonanza?

      To get your products live on Bonanza, following points are important to complete:

      1. Seller has to complete Profiling.

      2. The Booth must be activated.

      3. All the compulsory informations must be entered, like: Product Type, Title(not more than 80 characters), Product Image, Product Category, Barcode, Item Traits and Condition.

    • What are the steps to upload products on Bonanza?

      Before uploading your products on Bonanza, you have to first import your products. There are three ways seller can import product:

      1. All Products: This will import all your products from shopify store.

      2. Published Products: Selecting this option will import your products which are published on Shopify.

      3. Filter Products to import: Seller can select the products manually and import them on App.

       After importing your products on App, follow the below Steps to upload your product:

      1. Click on “Product” in menu on top.

      2. Select “Not Uploaded” in “Status”.

      3. Select All products you want to upload.

      4. Then Select “Upload Products” in place of “Bulk Upload” and Click “Submit”.

    • How to delete Product from Bonanza App?

      To delete a product follow the Steps:

      Step 1: Click “Manage Products” under “Product”in the menu, at the top of the dashboard.

      Step 2: Select the products you want to delete.

      Step 3: then Select “Delete Products” from “Bulk Upload” and press Submit.

    • How to create a Profile?

      You can create Profile, by following the below Step:

      Step 1: Click on “Add new Profile” under “Profiling” in Menu on top of the dashboard.

      Complete all the required field to create Profile for the Products.

    • Shipping Management (Domestic and international shipping)

      Domestic and International Shipping can be managed under Shipping Management.

      Domestic Shipping allows a seller to sell his products within the country where a seller can also sell his products internationally by selecting “Yes” in Enable International Shipping.

      Both Shipping type can be managed in Shipping Management by going through following steps:

      1. Click on “View Profile” under “Profiling” in the menu on the top of the dashboard.

      2. Click on “Edit Button(pencil)” under Action.

      3. Click on “Shipping Management” from there you can select Domestic and International Shipping and make changes.

    • What is Inventory Management?

      Through Inventory management Seller can manage to apply Inventory rules:

      Fixed Inventory: You can fix the inventory of Products.

      Custom Inventory: You Can Put a Minimum or Maximum Threshold Value.

    • What is Price Management?

      Through Price, management Seller can perform custom pricing, which means he can publish products on Bonanza with different price as on Shopify. It can be done in two ways, i.e. Fixed and Percentage.

    • What is Return Policy Management?

      Return Policy Management has options to manage the setting for the return orders.

      Through these setting, you can manage days and shipping cost of return order.

    • How can I boost my sales (Tips to increase sale )?

      There are some basic factors to increase your sales on Bonanza are:

      Item Title, Product images, Item Category, Condition and traits, Item barcode(UPC/ISBN etc.).

    • Why am I unable to upload products on Bonanza?

      Your products are not able to upload on Bonanza because there must be missing Title(more than 80 words), Inventory, Product Type, Category. You in this case you have to complete the Profiling for your products.

    • How can I check my Order Status?

      To check the information about orders, Click on “Order” in Menu on top of the Dashboard.

    • What is the Onboarding Process of Bonanza App?

      There are four steps to complete the onboarding process of Bonanza Marketplace Integration App.

      1. Registration.
      2. API Authentication.
      3. Import Products.
      4. Item Analysis.

    • What is API Authentication?

      In API Authentication you have to Enter your Booth ID to complete API Authentication.

    • What are Simple products and Variant Products?

      Simple Products:- Simple products are those which don’t have any Variant.

      Variant Products:-Variants are the products with different attributes i.e. size, color and material.

    • I only want to manage order and don’t want to manage products with App, is it possible?How?

      Yes, you can manage order from the app without managing the products, you have Disable- Auto Product Sync in “Settings”.

    • What is Threshold Limit?

      Threshold Limit is the quantity, when the inventory matches with the threshold value, the seller will not get orders for the same product.

    • Why some of my products are not uploaded on Bonanza?

      Products will not get uploaded for the following reason:

      1. Duplicate Title.

      2. Title with more than 80 characters.

      3. Booth not Active.

    • Why titles of my products not listing completely on Bonanza?

      According to Bonanza rules Title of any product, must not exceed 80 characters.

      Or the title with more than 80 characters will be displayed up to the limit.

    • Why I am unable to LOGIN Bonanza panel?

      Check for the Login credentials or your account may be suspended by Bonanza because of some reason. In this case you have to contact Bonanza.

    • What are Metafields & How do I add Metafields?

      Metafields: Metafields are useful for storing specialized information, such as part numbers, customer titles, or blog post summaries. They can be used by apps and channels to track data for internal use.

    • How do I check whether my Booth is live or not?

      To check whether your Booth is live or not, Follow the steps:

      1. Click on “Products” in Menu on top of your dashboard.

      2. Select and click on “Manage Products”.

      Click on three Horizontal Lines, on the right side of “Bulk Upload”.

      1. Click on “Update Booth”.

      2. Then check for the Message if it says that “Booth queued for update” then your Booth is live or it will say that “Booth is not activated”.

    • How does Bonanza App work?

      Through Bonanza App, your shopify store will be synced with Bonanza Seller Panel. Seller can manage products from shopify to seller panel and also with App. You can also manage products from app, as when you will receive an order on Bonanza, the app will create the same order on shopify store and as soon as you will ship the order from shopify store, the app will ship the order from bonanza seller panel.

    • Why some of my products are in Incomplete State?

      You have uploaded the item without giving it a title, price, category or 0 inventory.

      Complete Profiling to upload your products.

    • What are these product states in Bonanza?

      Ans. There are 5 states of Product in Bonanza:-

      1. Items For Sale: These items are for sale.

      2. Items Ready to Post: These items are not for sale but ready to be posted on Bonanza(You just have to “Update Booth”).

      3. Product Submitted: Products are uploaded but are “Under Review” by Bonanza.

      4. Profile Not Set: You have to Update or Add new profile to the products according to your Shopify Store.

      5. Not Uploaded Products: Products which are not uploaded on Bonanza.

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