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Walmart takes maximum 6 hours in processing the feed and making it Published. Product's status will not be updated automatically on the app. To update the status of the products follow the below steps:

  • Go to Products.
  • Click on Manage Products.
  • Select the Products.
  • Select "Update Product Status" from Bulk action.
  • Hit the Action button.

Product status will be updated.

Reasons for products not being imported in the app are:

  • Products don't have Product type assigned to them.
  • Some products are imported but not visible on Manage Product Grid.
    This is because their Shopify Product Types are not mapped with the Walmart Category.

Yes, the Product's SKU will be updated on Walmart by sending the SKU Override as YES. This can be done by following the below steps:

  • Go to Products.
  • Click on Manage Products.
  • Click on Edit icon.
  • Go to Price and Inventory tab.
  • Set Sku Override as YES
  • Click on the SAVE button.

At the end upload the product on the Walmart.

Walmart doesn't allow sellers to DELETE the products from Walmart. Sellers can only Retire the products from Walmart if they no longer wish to sell the product. Follow the below steps to RETIRE the product from Walmart

  • Go to Product.
  • Click on Manage Products
  • Select the products and select Retire Products from bulk actions.
  • Hit the Action button.

This will help you remove your products from Walmart and the status of the product will update to UNPUBLISHED.

Walmart accepts following Product Identifiers:

  • GTIN (14 digits)
  • UPC (12 digits)
  • EAN (13 digits)
  • ISBN (10 or 13 digits)
  • ISSN (8 digits)

Partial Order helps you manage your Orders in the following ways:

  • It automatically cancel the Orders that get failed due to Inventory not available or SKU doesn't exist on Shopify.
  • It will help you cancel the part of an Order or complete Order automatically, for example
    • If you receive an Order for 3 different SKUs and you don't have 1 SKU to ship then the Partial Order will help you create the Order in the Shopify store for 2 SKUs and rest 1 SKU's Order will be canceled.
    • If you receive an Order for 4 quantity and  you have only 2 quantity available at the Shopify store then complete order will be Canceled.

To enable the Partial Order, follow the below steps:

  • Go to Settings
  • Then to Order Management.
  • Set YES to Allow Partial Order.
  • Click on SAVE button.



To retrieve Walmart API credentials you need to follow the below steps:

  • Login to the Walmart Seller Account.
  • Click on the Settings icon.
  • Under the Settings, click on Consumer IDs & Private Keys.
  • You will be redirected to the Consumer IDs and Private Keys.
  • Click on Walmart developer portal button.
  • You will be redirected to the API Keys Management page.
  • From the Production Keys for Solution provider, select CedCommerce as a solution provider.
  • Click on Add Provider button.
  • Provide full access in all the fields.
  • Click on API Keys a pop up box will appear.
  • Click on Copy under the Client id to copy the Client ID.
  • Click on Copy under the Client secret to copy the Client secret keys.
  • Paste the client id and client secret key in the Walmart integration app Settings->API management and then click on SAVE button.
This means that a particular SKU is not present on our app; you can go to the Not-in-app section of the app on Manage Product and link your SKU with any Shopify SKU to manage orders for that SKU.
If that SKU is not present on Shopify, you need to create it on Shopify.
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