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If you want to disable or remove free shipping from your products then to Settings. Under the “Product Setting”, you’ll see an option "Remove Free Shipping From all Products". Set this field to YES and the free shipping will be disabled.

When you have uploaded the products, the feed will be generated. If all the information you provided is correct from your side then normally it takes approximately 20 minutes to process the feed.

In case of variant products while uploading on, you need to map the attributes of your products on Shopify to the attributes of Walmart. To map the attributes of the products all you need to do is to follow these steps:
  • Go to product section.
  • There is Attribute Mapping option.
  • Click on Attribute Mapping, from there you can select the attributes which you want to keep for your variant products.
Yes, when a customer places an order from Shopify Store, then the updated inventory will be reflected on our app as well as on since we provide real-time inventory synchronization.

Walmart team has some parameters on which they analyse the products of all the merchants. The reasons for the unpublished products can be due to following:


1. When your product price is high in comparison with the competitor’s price, they unpublish the product.

2. When the product price on “Walmart” is different compared to other marketplace, they unpublish the product.

3. If you use keywords like FREE, DISCOUNT, SALE, etc they unpublish the product.

Walmart takes approx 15 to 20 minutes to process product feed. The products under "Item Processing" means your product feed is successfully submitted to Walmart. All you need to do is to update the product status by clicking on "Get Product Status" in the Manage Products section.

If you have completed the configuration set up and even then your products are not published on Walmart, in that case check your "Check List" in your "Walmart Seller Centre". It happens when you have not completed the check list for example: not performed test order scenario.
While setting up the promotional price or offer price of your product you have to follow these steps:
  • Go to the Manage product section.
  • Then click on edit button of that product for which you have to set the offer price.
  • Then click on "Add promotional Price"

From there you can set the promotional price to that particular product SKU. Doing so will display both the offer price and the actual price of the product for the particular time period that you select.

On our app only those products are imported that have Product Type. This information is mandatory to import the products on our app. It is recommended to provide Product Type to the products that you want to publish on Walmart.
Yes, we provide the functionality of "SKU Override". If you want to change the SKU of any particular product then all you have to do is to go to the edit product and set the value of "SKU OVERRIDE" = YES and then upload that product.
No, you can not delete a product but you can retire a product and it will be unpublished from Walmart. To retire a product go to 'Manage products', select the product and from drop down menu select "retire product" and click the "submit" button.
If you have changed the image of your products or made any change to price, inventory, title, barcode, etc. Then all you have to do is to click on "Sync Store Product" then a dialogue box will appear containing list of fields to be Sync with Shopify. From there you can select the fields that you want to Sync from shopify store. Then click on Sync. After this all the changes that are made on Shopify store will be reflected on our app and after uploading the products the changes will be reflected on
When your products are shown under "Item Failed" it may be because you have not mapped the attributes of Shopify store to Walmart attributes. When your products fall under "Item failed" you can click on view option of that particular feed. Doing so will let you know the problem in that product.
If you want to set the common tax code to all of your product then, go to setting there you will find "Product Settings" within it you can see Product tax code   click here .  By clicking on "click here" you can get the tax code and set it in the text field. Then click on "save" button. The text code will be set to all of the products.
If you want to stop emails notification of acknowledged orders then you have to go to Setting there you will find "Email Subscription Setting" under this you have "Order Fetch Mail", unchecked this field and then click on "Save" button on top of the page. Now you will not get any email regarding order acknowledgement.
The changes once synced to our app are immediately reflected on walmart but if in any case it is not reflected then you can select that product and upload it again. The changes will be reflected on
If you want to stop your orders from going to Shopify store then follow these steps:
  • Go to "Setting" there you can see "Walmart Orders".
  • You can set "NO" to "Set 'No' if you don't want to sync order(s) in shopify store"
  • Then click on "Save" button on top of page.

Now your orders will not sync to Shopify store. And you can easily manage your orders directly from Shipstation.

Walmart accepts following Product Identifiers:

  • GTIN (14 digits)

  • UPC (12 digits)

  • EAN (13 digits)

  • ISBN (10 or 13 digits)

  • ISSN (8 digits)

To upload your products on, you will be required to follow the below steps:


1. Category Mapping : You need to map categories of all the product types as if the Category is not Mapped, the Product will not be displayed on the app.


2. Attribute Mapping : In case of product variants, it is mandatory to map the “Attributes”.


3. Barcode : Make sure that your product have a barcode. Add barcodes to your product if the products do not have a barcode. You can add barcode from shopify store and then sync it to app, or add the barcode to individual product from edit product option.


4. Tax Codes : All the product must have valid taxcode. If your products do not have the taxcode then you can add taxcode from the “Edit” option of individual product.


5. Select Product and Upload : Select the product that you want to publish or upload on Then select “Upload Product” from the drop down list then click on “SUBMIT” button. After your products Successfully Submitted to Walmart proceed to next step.


6. Walmart Feed Update : Click on "Products" from the menu, then click on “Walmart Feeds”. Update the recent feed that you had send to the  After Updating the feed status you will be able to know whether your feed has been received, processed or in-process on Walmart’s end.

7. Product Status: Once your feed status is "Processed", you will be able to see the number of products that are successfully uploaded or published on Go to “Manage Product”, click on “Get Product Status” this will change your product status from "Not Uploaded" to "Published" if the product is uploaded on Walmart.

The walmart orders are not getting fetched on the app, this may happen because you are using any other shipping services. We recommend you to fully integrate all the services with our app and disable all other shipping services.
Partial Order functionality helps you in easier order management.
=> If you set "YES" to partial order from the setting it will automatically cancel those orders that get failed due to any reason (inventory not exist or the SKU not exist, etc).
=> And if you get an order for more than one SKU then it will acknowledge and create an order for that item line that does not have an error but cancels the order for that item line that has an error.
If you want to stop the syncing of product information (price, inventory, title, SKU, etc) then, in that case, you can simply go to the App settings. There you will find "Auto Product Sync" in this you can de-select those fields that you do not want to sync.
  • Title or product name should be 50-75 characters in length for best readability and SEO results.
  • Description should be a paragraph of 150 words or more. The longer, the better!

To retrieve “Walmart” API credentials you must go through the following steps:


1. Open the “Walmart Seller Account”.

2. Click on the “Settings” icon.

3. Under the “Settings” icon, click on “Consumer IDs & Private Keys”.

4. When the page redirects, click on “Copy” button under the “Consumer ID” section and click on “Regenerate Key” button under the “Private Key” section.

5. Paste these credentials in step-2 i.e; API Configuration of the app.

To edit any information of any product, you must go through the following steps:


1. Click on “Manage Products” under the “Products” section of the Navigation bar of the dashboard.

2. Click on icon in “Action” column. Before making changes in the product information, kindly disable the syncing of that particular information from the “App Settings”.


3. Make the required changes and then click the “Save” button.

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