What is Google Express Integration ?

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It’s a seamless connection of your Shopify Store with Google’s Shopping Action Program. It enables shopify merchants to leverage Google, in its entirety - Search, Voice, App, & Desktop, and boost their online sales.

Advantages of Shopping Action Program

Google Search
  • Get your products appear for rising search queries → “Where can I buy this ?” “Where can I find it ?” “How can I buy it ?” “How do I transact ?
  • Expand the outreach for image searches as well.
  • The merchants on the platform have witnessed 30% increase in the Average Order Value
  • Increase the Loyalty & Drive higher engagement for your brand.
  • 1 in every 5 Voice Assistant Sold are Google Home devices.
  • Till December 2017, 14 million Google Home devices were installed.

Benefits of Google Express Integration

Shopify New-Customer-Base

New Customer Base

Leverage Google Assistant & Search with the Universal cart to tap e-commerce, m-commerce & Voice Shopping and maximize outreach.

Save Time and Money

With the effective handling of listings and updates in near-real time, the app saves not only manual efforts but time and money as well.

Shopify Save-Time-and-Money


Shopify Polaris Compliant

The UI/UX of the app has been designed in accordance to Shopify Polaris which makes the look and feel of the app similar to Shopify.

Google Express Integration App Features

Bulk Product Upload

Move all of the products - which you want to list on Google Express - in one-go with a single-click of a button.

Centralize Management

Manage Shopping Actions, Shopping Ads and Display Ads related settings of Google from one place.

Real-Time sync

Changes made in Product inventory, price or, orders received is synchronized in real-time on your Shopify store.

Order sync and management

Auto-receive orders from Google Express and transfer them to the Shopify Store to get it fulfilled in real-time.

24*7 Multilateral Support

Dedicated account manager assists in on-boarding and offers unlimited expert training from your preferred support medium all-day everyday.

Populate Category

Being present at the right place and right time increases conversion, the app lets you upload products on Google Merchant Center as per Google Express Category.



  • Near Real Time Unlimited Order Syncing
  • 24*7 Support


  • Upload Upto 50,000 SKUs
  • Real Time Product Syncing
  • Near Real Time Unlimited Order Syncing
  • 24*7 Support


  • Upload Upto 100,000 SKUs
  • Real Time Product Syncing
  • Near Real Time Unlimited Order Syncing
  • 24*7 Support


  • Upload Upto 150,000 SKUs
  • Real Time Product Syncing
  • Near Real Time Unlimited Order Syncing
  • 24*7 Support

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