Features that make our app a Perfect Tool for eBay

Equipped with advanced features, this solution will help online sellers, sell more on eBay in less time

Bulk Product Upload

Transfer entire or specific product catalog to eBay without any hassle, in a single go. Profile-based upload will help in significantly saving your time.

Instant Updates

Get notified about every store operation & the ongoings. This will help you stay updated about the status of your inventory, orders, sales, etc.

Flexible Listing Type

You can either choose fixed listing or auction listing (for online bidding) for your eBay products. This will increase product visibility and will help you grow your ROI.

Product & Order Management

The app helps you view product and order details. You can edit/update the product information and also, you can fulfill your orders from Shopify through the app.

Threshold Inventory

Set a minimum inventory level and get notified when inventory goes below the set limit. This will help you to never run out of products and avoid overselling.

Global & Domestic Shipping

Have full control over your shipping related information and create your own shipping conditions. You can select products that require international shipping and their carriers.

Our Outstanding Services

We are passionate about offering what it takes to help online merchants sell more on eBay!


Dedicated Account Manager

A professional to help you easily understand and navigate through the eBay Marketplace Integration. He will also assist you with product listing on eBay


24*7 Customer Support

Ever-Responsive support from a technically sound team of experts over multiple platforms like Skype, Ticket, e-mail, instant chat, and Whatapp.


Nearly Real-Time Sync

The app provides proper synchronisation of product details such as price, inventory between Shopify store & eBay to ensure smooth selling process on eBay.

Pricing Plan

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USD $1299/year

Features ↓

Help In Initial Setup (yearly plan only)


No Hidden Cost

Product Management (Features/Credits)

  • Profiles
  • Bulk product upload
  • Edit/update product details
  • Templates
  • Business Policy
50 3000 5000 10000 50000 Unlimited (150000)

Order Management (Features/Credits)

  • Auto order syncing to app
  • Auto order syncing to shopify
  • Automatic tracking update
  • Order cancellations
  • Back-Order management
10 3000 5000 10000 50000 Unlimited

Credit-Validity (In Days)

30 365 365 365 365 365

Near Real Time Inventory Management

Customization (yearly plan only)

  • Product Details (on eBay)
  • Order Details (on Shopify)
- -

Help In Profile Creation (yearly plan only)

- - 5 10 20 50

Help In Template Creation (yearly plan only)

- - 5 10 20 50

Dedicated Account Manager (yearly plan only)

- -

Sales Analytics

  • Analytics Of Your Sales
  • Products Analytics

Opportunity to sell worldwide

Manual Curency Convertor

24*7 Support

Enterprise Plan

Avail yourself our extra added perks and get regular updates about your store. Highly recommended for Enterprise users.

Frequently Asked Questions

Eliminate all your queries now!

How does Integration for eBay app help us to sell on eBay?
The app lets you list items in bulk or by selecting the preferred product on the eBay marketplace.
Once the products are listed on eBay, the Inventory, price and all other details of the items will be synchronized from Shopify Store to eBay Marketplace in near real time to avoid overselling of the items. And you can control the synchronization of the details from Shopify to app, from the app settings under the Configuration section in the App.
How does this App manage my eBay Orders?
Integration for eBay App will automatically Import your eBay Orders to your Shopify Store and then you can fulfill your eBay Order directly from your Shopify Store,
After Fulfillment of eBay order on Shopify, App will also automatically update the fulfillment status and shipment tracking data on eBay Marketplace.
Can I upload my items in Auction-Style listing format from this App to eBay?
Yes, The App lets you to list the items in both formats,
Fixed Price format as well as Auction-Style listing format
Can I have different Inventory and Price on eBay from this App?
Yes, you can manage the Inventory and Price of the items from Integration for eBay App.
We have template features in the app which provides you a very flexible interface to adjust and manage the Inventory and Price of the items independent from Shopify.
Can I sell in different categories on eBay by using this App?
Yes, you can make Category templates based on your different categories of the items.
After making the Category templates, you will have to make profiles in the App to apply the Category templates to the Items for listing on eBay.
How do I reach out to help and Support team?
Our help and Support team is 24/7 available to help you with App related concerns. You can reach the support team through Live Chat
WhatsApp : https://chat.whatsapp.com/HPbJm00yENw6QhWfskNWLa
Skype : https://join.skype.com/GbdPBTuVsNgN
Email : ebay_support@cedcommerce.com and apps@cedcommerce.com
Does your App support eBay Business Policies?
Yes, Integration for eBay app fetches the Business Policies from your eBay seller panel to the App and then you can use those policies to apply for the items.
You can also create and edit the business policies from the App.
The eBay Business Policies are:
1. Shipping Policy
2. Payment Policy
3. Return Policy
Can I create eBay Store Front categories in your App?
No, Integration for eBay App is dependent on your eBay seller panel for the eBay StoreFront categories.
You can make the eBay Store Front categories in your eBay seller panel and then you can import them into the App to apply for the items.
What is the Pricing plan of your eBay Integration App?
Please click on the shared link
https://apps.cedcommerce.com/ebay-marketplace-integration/#sm_pricing to check out the pricing plans of Integration for eBay App.
Do you provide Demo and setup of the App to the Free plan users also?
Yes, we provide the Demo and App setup to all of our users, you can schedule your demo for the App as per your convenient time from the link shared,


highly responsive support by a team of experts to help you sell 24*7 on eBay.