Ebay Importer



Building a distinct identity independent of other brands is the long-term goal you need to pursue. The solution achieves facilitates a seamless way to import your products from eBay seller panel to your Shopify store.


Complete Information Transfer

Move item’s title, meta title, description, item specifics, SKU, Price, and Inventory from eBay to Shopify store.

Populate Collection

The app enables merchants to import the main and sub-collections of eBay to Shopify store as well.

Move Variations

Sellers can easily move complex item information - variations to items - besides the main item.

Multiple High-Resolution Image Transfer

The app enables you to fetch the main image from your eBay Seller account to your Shopify store.

Near Real-Time Sync

Maintain consistency in items information - price and inventory status - across eBay seller hub and Shopify store by initiating a sync operation.

Reduce Manual Work

Select all the active products from your eBay Seller Hub you want at your Shopify Store and move them in a single click of a button.

Upcoming Features

Custom Pricing

Sellers will be able to increase/decrease pricing as per their requirements on their Store.

Currency Converter

Convert the currency of listings at eBay to the required currency on Shopify store.

Increase products limit

Empower sellers to fetch 25,000+ SKUs from eBay Marketplace in one-go.

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