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Prominent Features Of Amazon by CedCommerce

The following features make our app reliable and sought after for an e-commerce seller.

Product Template

Create set templates for products to reduce redundant steps every time new products are uploaded by predefining Inventory, Price, etc., as custom rules to be implemented on the products.

Near Real-Time Inventory Syncing

Synchronize your Shopify inventory in near real-time with Amazon. Also, track them from Shopify Dashboard itself.

Efficient Order Management

Get Amazon orders on your Shopify Store in near-real-time. If failed to create them on Shopify then it can be checked in-app & also, in the Order Settings section of the app, merchants can enable/disable notifications for failed orders.

Add New Or Manage Existing Amazon Listing

If products already exist on Amazon, then they can be linked through the app without uploading them again. It will be linked automatically if SKUs are the same. If not, then you'll have to link them manually to manage it. If products are not on Amazon, then you can upload them through the app.

Bulk Edit Product Details

The CSV Export/Import feature gives merchants the ability to edit product details in bulk.

24/7 Customer Care & Support

Benefit from our 24*7/365 days-a-year robust human support for all your queries or schedule a meeting with our experts at your own convenience.

Amazon By CedCommerce Pricing Plan

  • Free

    $0 /mo
    Billed at 0 per Month

    Up to   50 Orders/month
  • Beginner

    $15 /mo
    Billed at 0 per Month

    Up to   100 Orders/month
  • Startup Popular

    $49 /mo
    Billed at 0 per Month

    Up to   500 Orders/month
  • Scale

    $89 /mo
    Billed at 0 per Month

    Up to   1000 Orders/month
  • Growth

    $159 /mo
    Billed at 0 per Month

    Up to   2500 Orders/month
  • Advanced

    $259 /mo
    Billed at 0 per Month

    Up to   5000 Orders/month
  • Professional

    $459 /mo
    Billed at 0 per Month

    Up to   10000 Orders/month
  • Enterprise

    $666 /mo
    Billed at 0 per Month

    Up to   1000000 Orders/month

Frequently Asked Questions

Know your marketplace inside out to sell bigger and better

Is it necessary to select any plan to use the app?
What if I am on a free plan and the order limit exceeds?
If I select any plan, what happens if I reach the order limit & it exceeds before month end?
Will my plan get upgraded automatically when the order limit exceeds it?
Will my plan get downgraded, if I will not reach the limit as per the plan I selected?


highly responsive support by a team of experts to help you sell 24*7 on Amazon by CedCommerce.