Fetch and Sync your products from Amazon to your Shopify store



Omni-Importer can be used to import your products from Amazon seller panel to your Shopify store in just one click of the mouse. It simplifies the process by automatically fetching Amazon inventory directly into your Shopify store. As it will reduce manual efforts also so will help you to save lots of time.


Bulk Item Transfer

Eliminate all the manual work by selecting the desired products from your Amazon Seller Central to your Shopify Store.


Along with the main products, the app helps you fetch all the variations of the products.

High-Resolution Image Transfer

The app enables you to fetch the main image from your Amazon Seller account to your Shopify store.

Flag Products

You can flag (omit) items which you don’t want to be part of your brand at your Shopify store.

Real-Time Sync

The app updates any inventory or pricing related changes made to your Amazon Listings at your Shopify Store.

Upcoming Features

Multiple Image fetches

Import all of the images of items in one go.

Populate Category

The sellers will be able to fetch the item’s parent and child categories as well.

FBA Compatible

Sellers will be able to fulfill FBA centric inventory from their Store.

Order Fulfillment

Sellers to fulfill orders received on Amazon from their store.

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